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Ecofreen Individual Platen Set
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Ecofreen Individual Platen Small Size
Ecofreen Individual Platen Large Size

Individual Size Platens for Epson DTG Printers

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Unlock printing versatility with Ecofreen's individual size platens for Epson DTG printers!

Print on a variety of garments with ease with our range of individual size platens specifically designed for Epson DTG printers - extra small, small, and large. Each platen features a durable frame for long-lasting use for multiple garment prints.

Upgrade your printing workflow with Ecofreen's individual size platens and experience the freedom to print on a wider range of items.

Ecofreen Individual Size Platens

Platen Sizes:

  • Extra Small: 7" x 8"
  • Small: 10" x 12"
  • Large: 16" x 20"
  • Individual Size Platens with Frames

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