Ecofreen Transfer Film for Direct to Film

DTF Transfer Film

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Transform your creations with our DTF Film Transfer process —after baking our Hot Melt DTF Powder, it effortlessly turns into a solid white canvas, enhancing your colors for a vibrant masterpiece. Our powder boasts even and regular particles, ensuring impeccable graphic quality and superior adherence. The finely coated DTF film sheets guarantee a flawless finish with no pinholes, elevating your artistic endeavors to new heights. Unleash your creativity with ECOFREEN and experience the seamless fusion of quality and aesthetics.


  • Dynamic Print: Enhanced adhesion to the fabric improving print vibrancy.
  • Precision Graphics: Even particles ensure impeccable graphic quality.
  • Professional Finish: Finely coated DTF film sheets for a flawless, pinhole-free result.

Transfer Film for DTF:

  • A4 & A3
  • Roll (60cm x 100m)

Hot Melt Powder for DTF:

  • 1 lb
  • 1 kg
  • 25 kg


  1. Print the image onto the glossy side of the DTF film in mirror mode. (CMYK>>White Ink)
  2. Apply Ecofreen Hot Melt DTF powder evenly and remove the excess powder.
  3. Hovering to bake the hot melt powder (170°C, 5min).
  4. Transfer the image by heat press at 140°C for 15sec with medium pressure.
  5. Cold Peel (remove the film gently).
  6. Heat press again for curing (140°C, 5sec) with medium pressure.

    Ecofreen Direct to Film Process Step by Step

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