Ecofreen Universal All in One Platen
Ecofreen Universal All in One Platen Frames
Ecofreen Universal All in One Platen Center Plates

Universal All-in-One Platen for Epson F2000/F2100/F3070

  • Ecofreen
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Upgrade your Epson F2000, F2100, and F3070 DTG Printers with the Ecofreen Universal All-in-One Platen. Versatile and accommodating, this platen covers all sizes, from extra-small to large, with a grooved center designed for button or zip hoodies. The package includes an all-metal frame and a metal neck guide, making it easier to set the shirt's center on the platen. This universal platen is the perfect companion for your Epson F2100 DTG Printer, offering convenience, precision, and compatibility. Optimize your printing workflow with Ecofreen's Universal Platen—your key to seamless, high-quality prints. Compatible with Epson F2000, F2100, and F3070 DTG Printers.

Ecofreen Universal Platen Main Features:

  • One for All Sizes
    • Extra Small: 7 x 8
    • Small: 10 x 12
    • Medium: 14 x16
    • Large: 16 x 20
  • Center is Grooved for Button or Zip Hoodies (Can Use All Size Platen)
  • All Metal Frame is Included
  • Metal Neck Guide is included (Easier to Set the Center of Shirts on the Platen)
  • Universal Platen for Epson F2100 DTG Printers 

Compatible with:

  • Epson F2000 DTG Printer
  • Epson F2100 DTG Printer
  • Epson F3070 DTG Printer

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