Splatter Sponge for Prestige DTF Printer

DTF Station Splatter Sponge for Prestige A3+ DTF Printer

  • DTF Station
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Enhance the performance of your Prestige A3+ DTF printer with the innovative Splatter Sponge from DTF Station. Measuring 3"x 2", this foam pad effectively captures excess spray from the print head, preventing workspace mess, and preserving print quality. Bid farewell to splatter-related disruptions, ensuring a smooth workflow and optimal performance. 

Maintenance is a breeze—simply wash or replace the sponge as needed. Backed by DTF Station's expertise, this essential accessory seamlessly integrates with your Prestige A3+, offering worry-free and clean printing. Invest in cleaning confidence with the DTF Station Splatter Sponge for Prestige A3+ DTF Printer–Ecofreen’s got you covered. 

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