Purifier S
Purifier S
Purifier S
Purifier S

Purifier S

  • DTF Station
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Breathe easy while you create! Protect yourself from harmful fumes and dust generated by your DTF Shaker and Printer setup with the powerful Purifier S. This mid-range air warrior boasts an easily adjustable knob for custom suction, capturing smoke, dust, and even gases through its impressive 6-foot hose. Enjoy a safe and healthy workspace, perfect for Prestige XL2 and L2.


  • Mid-range purifier
  • Easily control vacuum speed by turning the knob
  • HEPA and Carbon filters
  • 6 foot long hose


  • Remove air pollutants created during the direct to film process
  • Ensure safe working environment

Compatible With

  • DTF Station Prestige L2 DTF Printer
  • DTF Station Prestige XL2 DTF Printer

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