6 Long-store Ink Cartridges & Bracket Combo for Prestige Desktop DTF Printers

6 Long-store Ink Cartridges & Bracket Combo for Prestige A3+/A3+ R DTF Printers

  • DTF Station
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Say goodbye to printing anxieties, hello to boundless creativity!

The DTF Station 6x Long-Store Ink Cartridges & Bracket Combo for your Prestige A3+/A3+ R DTF printer liberates you to take extended breaks (up to a week!) without sacrificing vibrant, professional-grade transfers.

Forget the dreaded clogged nozzle dance, these innovative cartridges ensure pristine ink flow even after weeks offline. The secure, sleek bracket keeps them ready to roll whenever inspiration sparks, maximizing cartridge life and ink efficiency.

Maximize DTF performance, and boost your workflow and workspace aesthetics with this powerful duo. Embrace the freedom to step away, knowing your next DTF masterpiece awaits, unleashed in exquisite detail and vivid colors.


  • Less clogging
  • Flexibility: use your printer when you need it, leave it when you don't

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