Lint Free Wipes 4" x 4" for 30 Sheets

DTF Station Lint Free Wipes 4" x 4" - 30 Sheets

  • DTF Station
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Experience precision in DTF maintenance with DTF Station Lint Free Wipes. Crafted for sensitive surfaces like printheads and encoder strips, these 99.999% pure wipes ensure lint-free, non-abrasive cleaning. Perfect for DTF equipment, their gentle touch guarantees safety on critical components. Ideal for overnight soaking or locking, these wipes redefine maintenance excellence. Elevate your DTF printing reliability with the assurance of lintless, ultra-soft wipes. Trust DTF Station for quality and care in every wipe, enhancing the longevity and performance of your DTF equipment. Maintenance made easy with the industry's best lint-free solution.

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