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DTG Cleaning Foam Swabs for CM-FS712

DTF Station Cleaning Foam Swabs (CM-FS712)

  • DTF Station
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Elevate your DTG or DTF equipment maintenance with DTF Station Cleaning Foam Swabs (CM-FS712). Precision-engineered for direct-to-garment printers, these lintless foam swabs are essential for cleaning inkjet capping stations, wiper blades, and print heads. Measuring 5" in length, they efficiently remove ink and residue from intricate spaces, ensuring optimal machine performance. Always keep these reliable swabs on hand for hassle-free cleaning of your DTG or DTF machines. Their 5-inch length tackles even the smallest crevices, ensuring flawless results every time. Say goodbye to messy cleanups and costly downtime – keep your DTF workflow running smoothly with Ecofreen's Cleaning Foam Swabs.


  • Length: 5"

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