Ecofreen Poly Pretreat Concentrate - 1 Liter

Poly Pretreat Concentrate - 1 Liter

  • Ecofreen
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The ink will generally not adhere to fabric that has a very fine weave, an extremely smooth finish, or has been treated with a water or dirt repellent. This liquid is designed to assist with ink adhesion on fabrics with high natural fiber content.

Ready to use:

  • For Poly Garments
  • Concentrations (1L = 3L Dark or 2L Polyester)


  • Strong Adhesion
  • Express vivid and durable color
  • Image lasts longer on garments
  • 3 times concentration (saving freight!)
  • Various Applications like Dark, Bright, Poly, Colored Garments
  • Saving freight cost
  • As the liquid (3XB) is concentration, it needs to be diluted before using (1:2 basis - please refer to the guide below).
  • After spraying the diluted liquid for bright T-shirts, please heat-press as the conditions below.
  • After printing, please heat-press as the conditions below. 
*Please make sure to stir well the pretreat liquid before using or diving into smaller containers.

    Compatible with:

    • Epson F2000
    • Epson F2100
    • Epson F3070
    • Epson 3880 - Neoflex 2
    • Epson 4880 - Neoflex 1
    • Ricoh RI 100
    • Ricoh RI 1000
    • Brother GTX

    Ecofreen Pretreatment Liquid: T-PRT-Universal Manual

    Ecofreen Pretreatment Liquid: Fixation Guide

    Ecofreen Pretreatment Liquid: T-PRT-2S Manual (Sublimation on Cotton)

    Ecofreen Certificate of CPSIA

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