Ecofreen DTG Pretreatment for White and Light Garments 1L

DTG Pretreatment Liquid for White and Light Garments - 1 Liter

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Elevate your DTG printing with Ecofreen's Pretreatment Liquid for White and Light Garments - 1 Liter. Specially crafted for Ricoh Ri 1000 and Ri 100, and Epson F2000, F2100, and F3070 DTG printers, this solution ensures superior ink adhesion, vibrant colors, and lasting prints. Our concentrated formula delivers strong adhesion on various fabrics, saving costs and optimizing your printing workflow. Easy to use and compatible with different garments, this 1-liter powerhouse is your key to achieving professional and durable results. Enhance your printing precision and unleash the potential of your Epson DTG printer with Ecofreen's advanced DTG Pretreatment Liquid.

* The ink will generally not adhere to fabric that has a very fine weave, an extremely smooth finish, or has been treated with a water or dirt repellent. This DTG Pretreatment liquid is designed to assist with ink adhesion on fabrics with high natural fiber content.

Ready to use:

  • For White or Bright Garments



  • Universal 1L + Water 2L = 3L for Dark and Blended Garments
  • Universal 1L + Water 1L = 2L for 100% Polyester



  • Strong Adhesion
  • Express vivid and durable color
  • Image lasts longer on garments
  • 3 times concentration (saving fright!)
  • Various Applications like Dark, Bright, Poly, Colored Garments
  • Saving freight cost
  • As the liquid (3XB) is concentration, it needs to be diluted before using (1:2 basis - please refer to the guide below).
  • After spraying the diluted liquid for bright T-shirts, please heat-press as the conditions below.
  • After printing, please heat-press as the conditions below. 
*Please make sure to stir well the pretreat liquid before using or diving into smaller containers.
*1L doesn't need to be diluted.

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