6 Long-store Ink Cartridge for Prestige A3+ DTF  Direct to Film Printer open box

6 Long-store Ink Cartridges for Prestige A3+ / A+ R

  • DTF Station
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Enjoy the confidence to step away and return to vibrant DTF printing effortlessly! DTF Station's Long-Store Ink Cartridges, specifically designed for your Prestige A3+ A3+ R DTF printers, empower seamless printing with long breaks (up to a week!). 

Crafted with cutting-edge ink technology, these cartridges utilize a unique formula that prevents ink buildup and maintains optimal flow, ensuring your printer is always primed for peak performance. Say goodbye to fretting about clogged nozzles or compromised print quality. No more wasted ink or tedious head cleaning cycles – just stunning, professional-grade DTF transfers whenever inspiration strikes.


  • Less clogging
  • Flexibility: use your printer when you need it, leave it when you don't

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